Insta Pro 2 APK Download v10.70 Latest For Android [2024]

Insta Pro 2 is another modified version of Instagram that is developed by SamMods. It lets us experience the ultimate version of Instagram for free. If we talk about the possibilities and features, it offers all of them. From privacy to special features, it has everything to offer. Most importantly, we can use Insta Pro 2 APK without removing the stock Instagram from Android.

It comes with the same interface as the original but there are shortcuts and advanced options everywhere in the app. It also has several UI gestures for quick access to many robust options. Using it instead of traditional Instagram can take the user experience to the next level. Well, in this article, we will provide you the official InstaPro 2 APK download link along with all the guides to help you get started. Let’s dig in.

What is Insta Pro 2?

Insta Pro 2 is basically a third-party app that is developed with the purpose of providing next-level features to make the Instagram platform a lot more enjoyable. It is exclusively available for Android users for free and any normal user can Log in with the same Insta credentials in it. It is not necessary to create a different account for the sake of using this Instagram modification.

You will get all the default Instagram features in Insta Pro 2 v10.70 and on top of that you will also have additional features accessible from Settings>InstaPro 2 Settings. Also, despite being loaded with a lot of features, it is still lightweight as compared to the stock version. It has many robust features like Anti-Delete Messages, Hide View Stories, Ads-free experience, App lock, and more.

The prime benefit of using it is its ability to revoke all the restrictions placed by Instagram. Such as you can increase Story upload time to 60 seconds, Share high-quality photos without compression, Downloading your own story with music before making it public, Save photos and videos instantly to your phone’s gallery, etc.

Download Insta Pro 2 APK Latest Version 2024

Insta Pro 2 APK Download
Insta Pro 2

To facilitate the download of Insta Pro 2, it is only possible via a third-party site since the application cannot be made available on Play Stores. Because it has no original identity, its creation has happened through the modification of Instagram. However, you can now download it directly with a single click as we have put it on a dedicated server with a high-speed download facility. You will also get the most updated version because we immediately update the links whenever a new version comes out.

APK File Info

App NameInsta Pro 2
Size74.4 MB
Android Requires5.0 or above
Last Updated9 May 2024

How to Download Insta Pro 2 APK Latest v10.70 on Android

Nowadays, every app that gets downloaded on Android is scanned by Play Protect for threats. Just to be on the safe side, you can temporarily disable it and download InstaPro 2 without any hassle.

Also, if for any reason the direct download link isn’t working, you can use the alternative link to download it. Here’s how.

1st Step: Click on the button above to visit the download page of Insta Pro 2.

2nd Step: Click on the download icon to request the server for the APK file.

Insta Pro 2 Download
Click on the Download Icon

3rd Step: Once you receive a notification to accept the file for downloading, make sure you match the file name first with the above app info.

Insta Pro 2 Download
Accept Insta Pro 2 Download Request

4th Step: Select OK to start downloading and wait until it finishes.

5th Step: That’s it.

If you follow the above steps carefully you will be able to download Insta Pro 2 safely on your Android. Now that you’ve got the APK, let us guide you on the installation.

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How to Install Insta Pro 2 on Android

Since Insta Pro 2 can only be downloaded from third-party sites, it will require the manual installation process to install it on Android. Also, if you’re using other Instagram versions like the Stock version and InstaPro then you don’t need to remove them. However, Insta Pro 2 comes with a unique package name and can be installed along with its variants. Here’s how you can install it on Android:

1st Step: Enable Unknown sources from your phone settings to allow third-party app installations.

2nd Step: Open File Manager and go to the download folder. Then locate and click the recently downloaded Insta Pro 2.

Install Insta Pro 2
Insta Pro 2 in File Manager

3rd Step: Once the installer opens, hit the Install option.

Install Insta Pro 2
Click on Install

4th Step: After the installation completes, click on Done to exit.

Install Insta Pro 2
Installation Successful

5th Step: You’re done.

You can now Log In with your default Instagram credentials and enjoy Insta Pro 2. Also, the login with Facebook option works fine too if you want to consider using it.

Insta Pro 2 Changelog

Insta Pro 2 latest v10.70 has a bunch of changes that improve the overall quality of the app. Below, you will find all the newest changes available in the app.

Released Date: 8 April 2024
Base Update: 319. (New)
Bugs [Fixed]
Redownload Notification [Added]
New App Icons [Added]
Material Theme [Added]
New Hidden Features Enabled [Enable]
Many More [Misc]
Many Random Crash [Fixed]

So these are the changes that have been made in the latest Insta Pro 2 v10.70 Released on 8 April 2024. It is also highly recommended that you use the updated version only for the best experience.

Insta Pro 2 Features

Insta Pro 2
Insta Pro 2 Features

This Instagram Mod is known for its incredible features that make many impossible things happen. Any normal user couldn’t do any of the things Insta Pro 2 can do such as Hide View Stories, Hide typing status, etc. Well, here, we will explain all the robust features of it and what they can do when activated.

Hide Typing Status in DM

In normal Instagram, we are allowed to see when the other user is typing a message. It is a basic signal that almost all social platforms have for messaging. Well, if you want to be more private when messaging on Instagram, you can use the Hide Typing Status in DM feature. It will stop signaling when you’re typing a message to other users.

Ads-free Experience

Instagram is full of ads nowadays as it is their business model for generating revenue. But the ads have gone too far and now it appears everywhere in the app which feels very annoying. It hurts the user experience for sure. Well, to battle with that, you can use the Remove Sponsored Ads features. It will block the majority of the ads and you will be able to enjoy a peak user experience.

Hide View Stories

Usually, when you view someone’s uploaded stories, they can see that you have viewed them. Your profile appears in their list of seen. Well, using the hide view stories, you can watch stories without telling the status uploader. It restricts your profile from appearing no matter how many times you watch someone’s story on Instagram. It is one of the top-notch privacy features of Insta Pro 2.

Don’t Mark Messages as Read

It is a privacy-centric feature that revokes marking seen messages as read. Usually, when you see any arrived messages in the chat, they get instantly marked as read for the sender. By enabling the Don’t Mark messages as read feature, seen messages won’t be marked as read. The sender will only know that you have read the message when you reply to them.

Photos in Max Quality

Have you ever wondered why your photo uploads are always low-quality but high-quality in the gallery? That happens because Instagram by default compresses media when you share them across the platform. When you upload a story, you probably have noticed that yourself. Well, in this advanced Instagram modification, there is a feature called Photos in Max Quality that allows uploading photos in original quality, the same as the photo that appears in the gallery.

Extend Stories Time Limit

Want to go beyond the most frustrating restriction of Instagram on uploading stories? We all wish that we could upload longer stories like 1-minute videos. Well, that is now possible with Insta Pro 2. It offers a feature called Extend stories time limit. It enables one to upload 60-second stories on Instagram.

Increase Stories Quality

This is quite similar to the photos in the max quality feature. However, enabling it will allow you to upload video stories in the highest quality possible. The compress restriction is revoked to make that happen. It is one of the most appealing features of the app that anyone can use for free.

Download Media on Triple Tap

This robust Instagram mod also comes with the download facility enabled by default for any type of media i.e. videos, photos, reels, etc. You will see a download icon for every post and by a tap you can save that on your phone. There is also a unique gesture for downloading media on Instagram Pro that you can enable from UI gestures in the InstaPro settings. It is called Download Media on Triple Tap. You have to enable it because it doesn’t come enabled.

Quick Custom Options

There are certain gestures that you can also use for purposes like quick navigation, unleashing secret developer settings, turning on/off features instantly, etc. Here are some gestures you can try right now.

  • Long press the top icons: Camera icon – on/off videos autoplay.
  • Direct icon – on/off hide read tick.
  • Long press the bottom icons: Home Icon – opens the settings for developers.

So, that was about the robust features of Insta Pro 2. There are many other useful features that you can explore in the settings. We have only listed the most fascinating ones.

Insta Pro 2 FAQs

Still, have questions about this Instagram Mod? Well, no need for tension as here we are going to answer all the most frequently asked questions about it.

Is Insta Pro 2 Safe?

It is a third-party app that is developed by SamMods to make the platform most fun and useful for users. While using it, you are on the same platform but with a little tweak and additional features. Talking about safety, we have scanned it with VirusTotal and found no flaws. Also, Play Protect doesn’t find any threats when installing it on Android while the app scanning feature is ON. The code in the app also looks genuine, there is nothing fishy. So, it is safe to say that Insta Pro 2 is quite a genuine Instagram Mod.

Can we use Insta Pro 2 without removing Instagram?

Yes, we can use it alongside Instagram and both can be used at the same time. Insta Pro 2 comes with a unique package name com.instapro2 that makes sure there are no conflicts in the installation file or directory.

How can we update Insta Pro 2?

As of now, there is no in-app update feature in it and neither you can update it from Play Store since it isn’t available there. So, to update it to the latest version whenever it is released, you will have to download the APK file and install it on top of the old version. You can visit for the latest APK file.

Can we use Insta Pro 2 on iPhone or iPad?

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available for the Android platform. So you cannot use it on your iOS devices. If in the future, SamMods releases it for the iOS platform then anyone will be able to use it on jailbreak iPhone or iPad.

Is Insta Pro and Insta Pro 2 different?

Both apps are developed by the same developer SamMods and there are rarely any major differences if we compare. Feature and interface-wise, it is exact and there is nothing that one cannot do that the other can. One difference is that both have unique package names and this allows us to install & use them together on a phone.

Final Words

Insta Pro 2 is, all in all, a great copilot for people wanting to use several Instagram accounts on a single Android phone. It can be conveniently installed alongside all the other Instagram applications, thanks to its unique package name. It is derived from InstaPro and offers very similar functionalities. The developer SamMods has specifically made it for users whose phones aren’t compatible with the prime InstaPro. Also, any user deciding to use Insta Pro 2 over the prime version won’t be missing out on any feature.

So, that is all. I hope you now have all the queries solved. If there is still any problem you’re confronted with, drop a comment below to get help out.

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