InstaPro APK Download v10.70 Latest Update [April 2024]

InstaPro APK is a modern application that is a replica of Instagram by meta. It consists of many robust features that allow users to perform extraordinary tasks. I.e. Hide view stories, View profile pictures, save reels in one tap, copy the Bio text of any profile, etc. It is more of an unrestrictive version of Instagram where you can do pretty much anything you want without any limitations.

Also, lately, there has been a surge in ads displayed on Instagram that are quite annoying. Well, that can easily be controlled by using Instagram Pro or InstaPro v10.70. Under the app, there is a feature that blocks ads everywhere so that users can have an ad-free experience. Well, there are many more fascinating features to explore that we will explain later in this article. First, let us provide you with the InstaPro latest APK download link.

NameInsta Pro
Size71.4 MB
Android requires5.0 or above
Last Updated10 April 2024

Below are the links to directly download the Insta Pro APK.

What is Instagram Pro?

Instagram Pro is an Android app that is filled with robust features that can be used alongside Instagram for the purpose of running multiple Instagram accounts. We all know that it is a tiresome process to run two accounts on a single app and switching between accounts on a single app sometimes becomes confusing.

That is where the InstaPro comes in. It not only can be run alongside official Instagram but can provide the ability to run multiple accounts without any hassle. On top of that, it comes with super features that even the official app has failed to provide till now. You can use features like sharing images in full resolution, Directly saving IGTV videos, Downloading stories and media, Built-in app lock, ads-free, etc.

Besides these major robust features, it also offers some short or mini but really useful features like copying the text of any bio, enabling/disabling the double tap to like, downloading your own story with music without making it public, copying comments, and more. All in all, it is like the ultimate version of Instagram that has all the features one can dream of.

How to Download InstaPro Latest v10.70 on Android

We have made downloading InstaPro APK v10.70 quite easy for anybody by providing a direct download link. For any reason, if that doesn’t work, there is an alternative link as well. Also, it is highly recommended to temporarily disable the Play Protect app scanning feature when downloading a third-party app like Insta Pro.

One can do that from Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings>Turn off Scan apps with Play Protect.

Once that is taken care of, you can follow the steps below to safely download InstaPro v10.70 on Android.

1st Step: Click on the above alternative button to visit the download page of Instagram Pro.

2nd Step: Click on the download icon to request the server for the APK file.

InstaPro APK Download
Click on the download icon for InstaPro APK

3rd Step: Once you receive the download notification, match the file name with the above app information.

InstaPro APK
Click on OK to start downloading InstaPro APK

4th Step: Accept the download request and wait for it to get downloaded.

5th Step: That’s it.

By following the above steps carefully, you will be able to download the InstaPro APK on your Android trouble-free. Now that you have got the APK, let us guide you on the installation part.

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How to Install InstaPro APK on Android

Instagram Pro is not available on the Google Play Store which means you need to install it manually on Android. But the good thing is you don’t need to remove the stock Instagram from your phone since it can be used alongside. However, both share a different package name. Here’s how you can install InstaPro on Android:

1st Step: Enable the Unknown sources from Settings for manual installation of any third-party app.

Install InstaPro
Enable Unknown sources for Installing InstaPro

2nd Step: Open File Manager and go to the download folder of your browser.

Install InstaPro
InstaPro on Download folder

3rd Step: Locate and click on the recently downloaded InstaPro v10.70.

4th Step: Once the installer opens, click on the Install button.

Install InstaPro
Click on the Install button

5th Step: After installation completes, click on Done to exit.

Install InstaPro
InstaPro Installed Successfully

6th Step: That’s it.

You can now start using the Insta Pro app on your Android phone. If you are first time switching from stock Instagram to Instagram Pro, you might need a get-started guide. Let us help you with that as well.

How to Get Started with Insta Pro For the First Time

Unlike the case with WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, all your Instagram chats go with you when you switch from Instagram to Insta Pro. There is no need to back up chats and restore. Also, you can use your Prime account because the app has advanced ban protection. So, all you need to do is,

1st Step: Grab your default Instagram login credentials.

2nd Step: Launch the Insta Pro app from the app drawer.

Get Started with InstaPro
Click on the InstaPro icon to Launch

3rd Step: Enter your login details and press Login.

4th Step: If you don’t remember them, you can also use the option “login with Facebook”.

Get Started with InstaPro
Log In on InstaPro

5th Step: Allow InstaPro to access your Facebook account by clicking the “Continue as your name” button.

Get Started with InstaPro
Allow InstaPro to Log In with your Facebook account

6th Step: Once you’re logged in, the settings of Stock Instagram will be as it is. Like on their prime spot.

7th Step: To explore Insta Pro settings, there is an additional option under the settings for that. Go ahead and click to explore.

Get Started with InstaPro
Access All the Magic of InstaPro from Settings

8th Step: You’re good to go now. Enjoy.

There are also some gestures and shortcuts available, we have listed some of them below so you don’t have to figure them out yourself.

  • Links in the comments are now directly clickable, no copy & paste is required in a separate browser to open
  • Long press the Camera icon to on/off videos autoplay
  • Long press the Direct icon to on/off hide read tick
  • Tap and hold on any bio text to start copying
  • In the comments, click on copy for instant text copy
  • Click thrice on any media to instantly save
  • Long press the Home icon to open settings for developers
  • Long press on photos to zoom

InstaPro v10.70 Changelog

Here are all the changes that have happened to InstaPro in the latest version.

Released Date: 8 April 2024
Base Update: 319. (New)
Bugs [Fixed]
Redownload Notification [Added]
New App Icons [Added]
Material Theme [Added]
New Hidden Features Enabled [Enable]
Many More [Misc]
Many Random Crash [Fixed]

So these are the changes that have been made in the latest Instagram Pro v10.70 Released on 8 April 2024.

InstaPro Features

InstaPro Features

Much like other Instagram Mods, InstaPro is stuffed with a lot of premium-level features that are quite fascinating. By putting them in use, a user can instantly enhance the user experience to the next level. But before that, first, you have to know the features well. Below, we’ve explained all the features one by one in simple terms.

  • Anti Delete Message: If we talk about the most requested feature from users for a messaging application in today’s era, it would be no other than Anti Delete Msg. This feature has recently been implemented in update v10.70 with improvements. When it is turned on, unsent or deleted messages by the sender will be visible to you.
  • View Who Unfollowed: It is one of the prime features of InstaPro that helps you instantly see the list of people who unfollowed you. The list can be accessed from your Insta profile and it is enabled by default.
  • Hide View Stories: It is a privacy feature that when activated, the stories you view of others won’t tell them that you’ve viewed. Your profile won’t appear in the list of “Stories seen”.
  • Don’t mark messages as read: When you see arrived messages on Instagram, it is marked by default as read. But when you activate this option, the sender won’t see the read on their message even if you see it. The messages will only be marked as read when you reply.
  • Hide typing status in DM: Usually, when we’re typing a message on Instagram, the other user gets a notification that the person is typing a message. Well, when you activate this feature, the other user won’t get the live typing notification.
  • Photos in max quality: It is an enhancement feature that makes sure the photos appear in the max quality when viewing or sharing. Usually, Instagram compresses photos and screen resolution. This option simply disables that restriction.
  • Increase Stories quality: Are you struggling to upload high-quality stories because of the internet or any other reason? This feature can be a lifesaver for you. When it is enabled, it makes sure that stories get uploaded in original quality i.e. same as it appears on the phone gallery.
  • Extend Stories Time Limit: By default, Instagram allows uploading 15-second stories only. Enabling this option will increase the time length to 60 seconds. You will be able to upload 60 seconds of stories in one go.
  • Disable Sponsored Ads: Tired of getting bombarded with ads in between reels and feeds? Enabling this will disable ads almost everywhere and you will be able to enjoy an ad-free Instagram experience.
  • Enable double-tap to like: As the name goes, by enabling/disabling this, you will be able to control the like gesture.
  • Zoom photos on long tap: This feature is part of UI gestures that allows zooming any photo on Instagram by simply a long tap.
  • Download Media on Triple Tap: As the name says, by enabling this, you will be able to download media by tapping on it thrice.
  • Enable Video Fast Forwarding: Watching a long live video on Instagram and looking for key moments? Enabling this will allow you to fast-forward any video on Instagram.
  • Customize Chat Screen: In InstaPro, there is a Chat Screen setting that allows customizing the elements that appear on chat like Chat background color, Set background wallpaper, Hide Message translator, etc.
  • App Lock: There is an in-built App lock in InstaPro that you can use to lock the app and chats without the help of any third-party app or service. You can also set PIN code timeout, Set background, and Enable Show chat notifications with hidden content.
  • Downloads Settings: This contains all the options for the Download facility. You can choose your download folder, Split downloads by username, Enable download notifications, etc. There is also a Chat Download Icon to enable downloading pic, voice, and videos from chats.
  • Enable in-app browser: Instagram doesn’t have this facility so links can be opened in third-party browsers only. But in InstaPro, you have the option to enable an in-app browser.
  • Font Style: There are more than 20 Fonts available under InstaPro to change the default font of Instagram.
  • App Icon: If you run both Instagram and InstaPro on your Android and always get confused with the App icon then you can fix that by changing the app icon of InstaPro. Besides the default app icon, it has 9 more options.
  • Backup And Restore: It is a robust backup tool that allows taking offline backups and has the restore option as well. If you have important messages and uploaded media in your profile, this feature can help you have a backup of them offline.

So, these are the major 20 features of Insta Pro that are worth giving a try. There are also some minor features that we have not listed but you can explore them by yourself in Settings.

Insta Pro Developer Options

What we have so far discussed about the features, this developer options is the most fascinating part. Insta Pro has this placed in a secret place and there is only one way to open it, by long-pressing on the Home icon. Once the developer option is uncovered, you will see a huge list of unheard features that you can use with just a click.

Under that, you can use options to enable round-edge iOS-like stories, modify text-shadow for stories, improve the texture quality of the stories, make tweaks in the UI, access the Media Tool to further enable new unheard options for Reels, etc.

Also, you can create a camera shortcut on the home screen to instantly launch InstaPro’s story camera to record, and upload reels instantly. There are many similar experimentation features you can explore and try to figure out the unique abilities of Insta Pro APK from the developer options.

Insta Pro for iPhone

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and want to use this app for its numerous advantages then sorry to disappoint you but it is currently not available for your platform. SamMods has only made the APK version which is supported for the Android platform.

But in the future, the developer might release it for iOS as well. If that ever happens in the future, we will of course let you know.

How to Use Insta Pro on a PC

InstaPro on PC
Use Insta Pro on PC with BlueStacks

InstaPro can easily be run on a PC whether it is MacOS or Windows software. Thanks to the app players like BlueStacks. It creates a virtual Android system on your PC in which you can install Android apps and run them flawlessly.

For sad iOS users, there is still hope to use InstaPro if you have got Macbook or Mac computer. Now, let us guide you on how to use Insta Pro on a PC.

  1. First of all, visit the BlueStacks official site and download the app player suitable for your PC.
  2. Install it on your PC like any other software.
  3. Launch the BlueStacks app player from the desktop.
  4. Now, you can install InstaPro in two ways. Either download it on your PC and double-click to install it or open Chrome browser in App Player and then visit to download & install.
  5. Once Insta Pro APK is installed, you can run it from the BlueStacks app player.
  6. That’s it.

Insta Pro FAQs

Here, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Instagram Pro app.

Is Insta Pro safe?

InstaPro is developed by a well-known third-party developer named SamMods who is continuously providing updates with security patches, base version updates, etc. It also has an anti-ban feature built-in that protects from an account ban. Also, there has been no data leak news about it. Messages are also end-to-end encrypted. So, by looking at all the deciding metrics, InstaPro is quite safe to use.

How to update Insta Pro to the latest version?

InstaPro is a third-party app that isn’t available on the App Store. It can only be updated manually by downloading and installing the latest APK file on top of the old version. I.e once you receive a new version available notification in the app, you can visit to download the latest version.

Can Insta Pro help you increase followers?

InstaPro is not like some followers-increasing tools or services, it is the alternate version of stock Instagram but with some additional features. It works the same as Instagram. And there is no option in InstaPro that can help you increase followers.

Are there alternatives to Insta Pro?

Yes, there are similar Instagram Mods available that are developed by third-party developers. For example, GB Instagram. There are two more Insta Pro alternatives that are developed by SamMods and those are Insta Thunder and Insta Pro 2.

How to fix Insta Pro crashing?

With so many additional robust options in the settings and mini features in the UI, Insta Pro can sometimes show errors and behave like it isn’t supposed to. This especially happens whenever you go from an older version to the newest version by updating the app. Glitches in the newest release are often fixed instantly by the SamMods with a fix update. If you’re faced with any errors or crashes in a stable InstaPro version, you can try two fixes. Restart and Clean Re-install. In the app, if you long press on the Home icon, you will open the developer options where you will find the Restart option in the first row. To clean install, uninstall the current InstaPro and download & install the most latest version from That’s all.


We are living in the modern era where features are most prominent in apps because that’s what makes the difference in user’s day-to-day life. Instagram is one of the popular social media apps and it still only offers mediocre features that almost any other social app offers nowadays.

InstaPro on the other hand is full of additional robust features that also have all the Instagram features in it. Using it is such an experience that it will become impossible for a normal user to ever think about going back to the stock Instagram. It provides privacy control with its incredible features, eliminates restrictions, and improves the user experience by disabling sponsored ads. Furthermore, the developer options can help clutter the unnecessary elements from the UI.

So, that was pretty much about Instagram Pro. You can bookmark this site InstaPro for future updates.