InstaPro v10.70 APK Download (Official) Updated Apr 2024

InstaPro is an aesthetically designed Instagram modification enriched with superior features that are too far from getting implemented in the stock version any time soon. From smoothing the user experience to providing added functionality for better, faster, and more flexible social browsing on Instagram, Insta Pro is there for you with its vigorous additional perks on top of ordinary features that we usually get from meta.

It is a creation of SamMods that has put massive development effort into elevating the experience of the Insta platform to the highest pedestal. Features in Instagram Pro v10.70 like Anti Delete Message, Don’t Mark Messages As Read, Extend Stories Time Limit, and Download Media on Triple Tap are something fresh and unique among social apps. Well, for this article, we’ve taken responsibility to explain every bit of this extensively modified Insta app, before that, let us help you download InstaPro’s latest version.

Application NameInstaPro
Size71.4 MB
AbilityRemoved restrictions, added features
OSAndroid 5.0+
Updated10 April 2024
Downloads Total50+ Million

What is Instagram Pro and its Use?

InstaPro (also known as Instagram Pro) is run by an independent app developer named SamMods. Behind its establishment in 2017, there was only one goal – to improve the capabilities, user experience, and responsiveness, and eradicate constraints on using certain native features. Since its final public release in 2019 to this date, the regular updates implemented over the past 5 years have made it truly a remarkable app.

As of its newest release v10.70, it not only addresses the diverse limitations but also offers an extensive array of supplementary features that are highly beneficial for users. Features such as Triple Tap to Download any media, View List of Unfollowed accounts, Revoking variety of sponsored ads, Obfuscate the visibility of stories seen, Enlarge your photos effortlessly by long pressing, etc. All these premium-free features are available in separate settings for ease of access and can be activated with just toggle on.

All the added features and removed restrictions make it the perfect Instagram modification and help users explore the true capability of the platform. Deploying most of what InstaPro offers can significantly improve the experience for the users in a positive pathway.

InstaPro Latest v10.70 For Android: How to Download

If you make an effort and go to the Play Store, and run a search for InstaPro, you won’t find any relevant results. That is because it is not uploaded there since it doesn’t have an original identity i.e. self-made app. Insta Pro is a modification of Instagram. Now, does that mean we cannot download it on Android? Well, it’s 2024 and there are numerous ways to download an unofficial APK like this.

All you need is the right source site for InstaPro and the apt steps that we’ve provided below.

1st Step. On your Android, load up the Chrome browser.

InstaPro APK Download
Open Chrome Browser

2nd Step. Instead of using the search bar, use the address bar and type the following:

InstaPro APK Download
Type InstaPro site in the address bar and click Go

3rd Step. When the InstaPro site loading completes, scroll down a bit to APK details.

4th Step. Look for the download button for the latest version and click on it.

5th Step. Tap OK to accept the download request to start downloading it on your Android.

InstaPro APK Download
InstaPro APK Downloading

6th Step. Wait till the download finishes. Congrats!

There you have the easy-to-follow steps for downloading Insta Pro APK on Android. The latest version is also Play Protect compatible and it no longer interrupts downloads or installs.

Insta Pro APK Installation Guide

The installation process for InstaPro on Android can be executed manually because you’ve downloaded it from a resource site. The steps can be followed after finding the Instagram Pro APK in the download folder. For manual installation to take place on your Android, you must allow permission to install an application from the File Manager. Once this is taken care of, perform the following easy steps.

1st Step. Launch the File Manager and proceed to the download directory where you can locate the downloaded InstaPro file.

Install InstaPro APK on Android
Open InstaPro APK File from File Manager

2nd Step. Click on the InstaPro v10.70 APK file that you have downloaded recently to proceed.

3rd Step. When the installer window appears, proceed by clicking on the Install button.

Install InstaPro APK on Android
Install InstaPro Application

4th Step. Upon completion of the installation, Play Protect will scan the app and then you will be able to open it.

Install InstaPro APK on Android
InstaPro Installed and scanned by Play Protect

5th Step. You’re all done here.

It is worth emphasizing that there is no need to uninstall the original Instagram before proceeding with the installation of InstaPro. The presence of distinct package names for both applications ensures that they can coexist on Android without causing any conflicts.

Guide to Update InstaPro to the Newest Version 10.70

The question that arises among Instagram Pro users is how to go about updating the application once a new version is released. Because it is not one of the apps available on the Play Store. Well, like we performed manual APK installation, we need to also manually update it. How to do that? Follow the easy steps mentioned below.

  • Leave the old version of InstaPro installed on your Android.
  • Download the newest updated APK file.
  • You will usually receive in-app notice upon the availability of a new version. For this to function, make sure you’ve enabled “check for updates” in the advanced settings.
  • The in-app update doesn’t work, so it redirects to a site and then many different pages. We recommend downloading the updated APK from a resource site with direct links.
  • Upon getting the updated InstaPro APK, install it on your Android without removing the old version.
  • This act will automatically replace the old with the new version.

There is no auto-update-like stuff for this app so you will have to perform the above steps to update Insta Pro every time a new version is released.

What’s new in InstaPro v10.70?

With every new update release, there are changes made within the app to improve the experience, add new functionality, fix bugs, etc. We’ve highlighted all the changes that the latest Insta Pro v10.70 has below.

InstaPro v10.70 Changelog
Date of Release: 8 April 2024
Base Version: 319. (Updated)
Bugs [Fixed]
Redownload Notification [Added]
New App Icons [Added]
Material Theme [Added]
New Hidden Features [Enable]
Many More [Misc]
Many Random Crash [Fixed]
This has fixed major bugs and has the most up-to-date base version. Highly suggested to update to v10.70 from the previous ones.

Powerful Features of Insta Pro

Insta Pro Features
Insta Pro Features

Insta Pro’s cutting-edge features can impress anyone particularly, who has only used its parent version. They will simply be amazed by the kind of capabilities it possesses and how convenient it can make the platform. Here, we’ve specifically highlighted its powerful features and shortcuts for flawless social browsing.

Obtain Multimedia Content By Triple Tap

A quick triple tap on any media content will grant you the convenience of downloading it. The download will commence immediately, and the content will be seamlessly saved to your phone’s gallery.

Mask the Visibility of Stories Seen

After watching the stories update of others, your anonymity is preserved as this feature refrains from notifying them of your view. As a result, your profile remains absent from the “Stories seen” list.

Enhance the Size of Photos with a Long Press

This exceptional feature empowers users to overcome the constraints of photo zooming, enabling them to effortlessly view photos with an impressive 10x zoom. It even works for the profile pictures. The mere little effort you need to deploy is a long press on the photo you want to zoom in on.

Native App Protection Lock

By utilizing the app lock functionality, users can establish a lock that must be unlocked upon launching the app, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access its contents. This feature proves to be highly effective in safeguarding your Instagram account from any potential privacy breaches.

Preventing Message Deletion

The most sought-after feature by users for a messaging application in the present time is undoubtedly the Anti Delete Msg. This highly anticipated feature has just been introduced in the latest update. Once enabled, it allows you to view unsent or deleted messages from the sender effortlessly.

Check Unfollowing Activity

This feature provides you with the ability to instantly observe the roster of individuals who have unfollowed you after giving a follow. It can be accessed from your Instagram profile, this list is on-behind active and doesn’t need any manual action to keep on monitoring.

Integration of Browser Within the App

Most social platforms have in-house app browsers but unlike Instagram, which lacks this functionality, links can only be accessed through external browsers. Nevertheless, InstaPro offers the option to enable an in-app browser.

Stretch the Upload Timeframe for Stories

Instagram’s default setting restricts the duration of stories to a brief 15 seconds. However, by enabling this option, you can extend the time limit to a more substantial 60 seconds. This enhancement allows you to effortlessly upload a full minute of engaging stories in one go, providing your audience with a more immersive experience.

Avoid Designating Messages as read

Instagram marks received messages as read as soon as you come across them. Nevertheless, if you decide to activate this feature, the sender will not receive any notification indicating that you have read their message, even if you have already viewed it. The messages will only be marked as read once you respond to them.

Has the Option to Turn off Sponsored Ads

Do you frequently experience irritation when ads appear while you are scrolling through reels and feeds? While this is how the platform functions, there is a solution available. By enabling this feature, you can effectively disable ads on almost every part of the app. Furthermore, this will contribute to faster loading times as a significant portion of ad content will be blocked.

InstaPro Mini Features

The rapid gestures facilitate the effortless execution of various tasks, such as:

  • To access the developer settings, simply perform a long press on the Home icon
  • If you want to copy the bio text from an Instagram account, just visit the account and click and hold onto it for instant copying
  • Clickable links have been added to the comments section, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste

Insta Pro for PC: How to Use It

Use InstaPro on PC
InstaPro on PC

If you have got Windows PC, running InstaPro is a breeze. It is made possible with software like BlueStacks, you can create a virtual Android system on your computer completely free. This virtual environment will consume some RAM, and storage space on your Windows PC which will enable you to effortlessly install and run Android apps, including InstaPro, without any hiccups. All you need to make sure is that you run Android Nuget or below for best compatibility with the Insta Pro app. All the steps are mentioned below, follow them with great attention.

  1. Begin by accessing the official BlueStacks website and proceed to download the app player that is compatible with your personal computer.
  2. Simply follow the on-screen instructions given by the app player to install it on your PC.
  3. Once the installation is finished, you can commence by clicking on the BlueStacks app player icon on your desktop to launch the application.
  4. Start by opening the Chrome browser in the App Player, and then navigate to Once there, you can proceed with downloading and installing the InstaPro APK.
  5. After successfully installing the Insta Pro APK, you will be able to launch it directly from the BlueStacks app player. Congrats!

Note: If you’ve got a Mac instead of a Windows PC, the process is quite similar. App Players are also available for Mac OS.

FAQs about Instagram Pro

Does the InstaPro App pose any safety risks?

The app is well managed and taken care of regarding the safety measures. SamMods, the developer behind the app frequently patches its security, updates the base version, and fixes breaches as soon as identified. The latest v10.70 doesn’t show any threats when scanned with major malware scanners. Also, Play Protect doesn’t block it when trying to install on an Android, it passes security surveillance like just any other good app. Overall, it shows no risk for use.

How can we get started with Insta Pro?

Insta Pro is the easiest to get started even for the first-time user. However, it still offers the legacy “Login with Facebook” option despite its removal from the Instagram app. About the advanced interface and all the robust features, just try to activate and try those features one at a time. Pretty much all the options are exactly what they sound like. Anybody with common sense can easily run it and take advantage of all the added functionality. Also, the interface won’t feel that much strange if you previously used Instagram.

Is it feasible to run Instagram Pro on an iPhone?

iPhone generally operates on iOS which is a different platform from Android and the app at the moment is only available for Android. It would have been highly practical if there had been a method to execute Android applications on iOS devices. For now, it is not feasible to use Instagram Pro on iPhone.

What are the differences between InstaPro and Instagram?

When considering features, performance, and capability, significant disparities can be observed between these two. Instagram has all the general options that one would expect in a social media platform. While they have integrated several new functionalities from various origins, there is a noticeable absence of true innovation. On the other hand, InstaPro has many out-of-the-world features that barely exist anywhere on other platforms allowing users who use it to achieve a next-level experience. Moreover, in spite of its numerous powerful attributes, it outperforms Instagram by loading at a faster pace, underscoring the app’s impeccable optimization. Upon face-to-face comparison between the two, InstaPro comes out as a true winner.

What are the specifications of InstaPro APK?

To give specs, we will also compare it with Instagram. InstaPro APK’s latest file size is 74.4 MB, lighter than its original version. Its package name is com.instapro, very unique and on point as compared to Instagram. The base version is 311., the same as its origin.

Final Thoughts

It is fascinating to see how can an app derived from something already there come in and beat overwhelmingly in most of the metrics, ultimately offering users a better, refined experience. In short, InstaPro is a pretty impressive app, its developer SamMods has built a masterpiece over the years. For those who wish to elevate their Insta experience, this application offers a fantastic solution. The best part? It’s absolutely free to use!

The app safety is also positive and when looked back at its update cycle, security updates like the base version, and end-to-end encryption, it is all good from that point of view.